Ronit’s Favorites: Working Out in the City

Choosing the right foods isn’t the only choice that is important for health, it is also crucial to stay active and find fitness activities that you truly enjoy.  I’ve created a list of my favorite workouts and gear in New York City below. I encourage you to try these and also do some exploration to find classes and products that make you happy and inspire you to keep up with your health goals.

Favorite Workout: Tracy Anderson Method 

Working out with Tracy Anderson

When I first came to work out at Tracy Anderson studio on Hubert street, I considered myself very fit, but I was bored with my spin, bar, and pilates routine and I was searching for a new fitness challenge. At Tracy I found that amazing challenge and I finally achieved the fitness results I was striving for. But more then simply a great workout routine, I discovered that I enjoy my workouts at Tracy because I joined a community of women who are striving everyday to be their best both inside and out. Three years later, I feel that even though I got older, my fitness is the better than it as ever been and my body changed in ways I never thought possible for me. Not only do I feel strong, I also have great cardio stamina and I maintained my flexibility. Most important is that I am NEVER bored and NEVER feel unchallenged by Tracy’s workouts. It is true that some days when my head is stuck backwards on the mat and my legs are in places I never realized legs can go, and the sweat is dripping off me like a faucet, and the music is blasting so loud… and I say to myself… Is this really what it takes to look good and feel good at my age? But after I shower and hydrate, I feel so alive and so inspired, and I know that the mind-body connection I experience during my Tracy workouts are irreplaceable. I am beyond grateful for my friend who introduced me to Tracy and my family who support my Tracy addiction and allow me the time and flexibility to do what I love.

Favorite equipment: the Biomat

I love meditating and relaxing on my biomat, it helps me feel grounded and re-energized. I use the mat for 20 minutes to warm up my body, to help me fall asleep when I am premenstrual or stressed. and to recover from challenging workouts.

Favorite gear – sports bras: the Sweaty Betty Stamina Sports Bra

These bras offer great support, are support comfortable and last forever.

Favorite gear – everything else: Bandier 

Bandier has one location in Flatiron and one on the Upper East Side and is my go-to for athletic gear in the city. They have an incredible selection of high-quality, stylish workout gear.