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For the first time in 5 years, after many fad diets, I am losing weight. Moreover, I am mentally more alert, I feel an energy I haven't felt in a long time, and I'm motivated to change my lifestyle. I no longer crave junk/processed food. I would recommend Ronit to everyone who is ready to transform his or her life. Thank you for helping me change my life.
 Gennifer B.
Sure, I'd been to a grocery store a million times in my life, but this visit was life-changing! It wasn't until my Shopping Demo with Ronit that I truly was able to make the best choices for my health and my family's well being. One visit has created great momentum for the many positive changes just within my reach.
Sam B.
Ronit is unwaveringly supportive, extremely knowledgeable about health, and my biggest cheerleader to lose weight, eat better and be kinder to myself. I would recommend Ronit to anyone ready to set a health goal and tackle it.
i weighed in at 163.4 lbs this morning . I haven't seen this side of 170 in over 20 years  i think. Suddenly 150s is possible  Thank you! 
Ilysa Z.
“I came to Ronit for weight loss, instead I gained self confidence and a deeper understanding of why I was not able to lose the weight. Ronit has taught me the science behind good nutrition. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. My journey with her is personally tailored to my likes and lifestyle. My experience with Ronit has been life altering and came with a special bonus: I lost weight, too!” 
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